Opening ceremony for sawfish focal point meeting and training.

Surabaya, East Java, Quarantine office. Director Pak Muhlin, just officially declared the Indonesaw workshop open.

Focal points are coming to share their updated date their information from last year research.
Some exercises to improve the data collection and sensitization is scheduled during the week.

Pak Dharmadi remind the objectives of the Indonesaw project and is expected some good new information for the project.

Fruitful sensitization : First at-sea release of knifetooth sawfishes in Indonesia

Fishermen communities sensitization is one of the
pillar of Indonesaw project through direct meetings, inquiries and social medias. These methods clearly shown their benefits few months only after their implementation ; the Indonesaw team is proud to announce that Indonesian fishermen released sawfishes while they were in trawling activity in the west of Papua Province.

Many thanks to the Alert Network Team for their commitment !

Some more work is needed in the overall country to continue encouraging good practices from maritime professionals.