European Waste Reduction Week 19-24 November 2019

Marine debris pose a mounting threat to life in the oceans and on land, including human life, and technologies to observe, measure and monitor the flow of debris into, and within, the oceans are urgently needed in support of mitigating the threat.

We suggested you to attend the next month workshop to be held in Brest : “Marine Debris Indicators: what’s next ?” from 16-19/12 2019.

The 2019 workshop is a follow-up of last year Brest meeting on “Technologies for observing and monitoring plastics in the oceans” and the theme for this year will be dedicated to “Marine Debris Indicators: what’s next?”.

The objective of this conference is to assess the potential of observation and monitoring platforms for marine debris and plastics. The conference will propose a refined road map and recommendations to major institutions and funding agencies for future technology initiatives.

Organizing committee: René Garello (IEEE OES / IMT Atlantique), Hans-Peter Plag (IEEE OES / ODU), Christophe Maes (LOPS/IRD/IUEM), Anouck Hubert (ALLOHa, IMT Atlantique), Jay Pearlman (IEEE OES / FourBridges)


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