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Current projects

  • IndoneSaw
  • ColShark
  • AfricaSaw
  • VelvetBelly


Fruitful sensitization : First at-sea release of knifetooth sawfishes in Indonesia

Fishermen communities sensitization is one of the pillar of Indonesaw project through direct meetings, inquiries and social medias. These methods clearly shown their benefits few months only after their implementation ; the Indonesaw team is proud to announce that Indonesian fishermen released sawfishes while they were in trawling activity in the west of Papua Province. …

Marine Spatial Planning Trainings

Healthy and productive oceans and coasts provide vital services essential to human society. However, many of these services are declining due to increasing and often competing coastal activities and resource uses. The trend is amplified by uncoordinated sector policies and management. An integrated approach to policy implementation and ecosystem management across sectors is therefore essential …