New Stickers for sawfish sensitization

New stickers were distributed to Islands-unit Focal Points to give to fishermen communities, fish process and maritime stakeholders.

These stickers mentioned the direct contact of each local focal point.

This new medium is expected to bring more data transmission about sawfish by-catch or illegal trade in Indonesia.

Pristis catch in Sumatra !

Yesterday, 19 of January 2018, a sawfish was caught in Meranti district, Riau province, Sumatra island.


The adult animal (P. pristis) caught with net measured about 5 meters and was cut to be eaten. The fisherman didn’t know about the protection status in Indonesia.

The Indonesaw Alert Network team is actually tracking the full story of this unfortunate catch. They will look for the rostrum and will join the area to ask details about the conditions of the catch.  This travel will be the opportunity to sensitize the fishing community about sawfishes.

We’ll keep you posted about this important news, confirming the presence of sawfishes in various places of the large indonesian archipelago.


Sensitization in Nusa Tangara Province

M. Barmani, Indonesaw focal point for Nussa Tengara province realized un sensitization meeting in December 2017.

Villagers and fishing community stakeholders benefit from presentation about sawfishes status and their conservation.

Information and documentation from Indonesaw Alert Network for sawfishes was presented.